I’ve been helping people with their Medicare for almost two decades, and I love what I do. It’s more to me than just a job. Not only do I get to help those that need it and establish great relationships, but I also get a great sense of satisfaction. The Medicare maze is difficult to understand, but when you have an experienced and caring advisor in your corner, it can make all the difference.

Starting Out

Early in my career – over 18 years ago – a friend asked me to help his mother with Medicare.  

After learning about her situation, I realized she was in the wrong Medicare plans, and it was costing her an extra $2,000 + each year.  

Her agent set her up in the wrong plans and then went AWOL. This woman, in her early 80s, was afraid to make any changes to her plans and didn’t realize she was paying too much. I enjoyed helping her get set up in the right plans and reassuring her this was the right move.

Many People – Many Situations

I have met dozens of people over the years that need similar help. They come to me with all kinds of situations:

  • Elderly –  in their 80s or 90s and don’t have children or anyone else helping them with Medicare.  Occasionally, I’ll get a call from someone, and I can sense their fear and desperation. 
  • Cognitive or memory issues – really need an agent that will guide them and treat them like their own mother or father.  
  • Don’t know how to make a change – they know they can save money by switching plans, but they are reluctant to do so. They worry that they’re making a mistake or overlooking something. 
  • Worried – want to work with someone they can trust will help them make the right decisions. 

Through these client relationships, I have developed a passion to help. It means a lot to me – even if I don’t benefit – to take the time to listen to them and help them make the right choices. Sometimes, I can let them know that they qualify for “Extra Help” and can drastically reduce their drug costs  Many times, it just means reassuring them that they have the right plans. 

I’m passionate about helping people with Medicare, and my clients know that. I believe that everyone should have an advocate on their side.

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