The 7 Biggest Medicare Enrollment Mistakes

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Greg Sanders – Insurance Agent and Owner

 As an independent agent, Greg works with all the top carriers in the area of Medicare and health insurance. Over the past 20 years, Greg has developed a proven process that helps his clients make the best choices as they navigate the complex maze of health insurance and Medicare.


As an advisor, one of the most rewarding moments is when a client expresses relief and gratitude after our initial meeting. Many clients receive conflicting and confusing advice from friends and online sources as they try to navigate the maze of Medicare. When they realize they can work with an independent agent to answer their questions and guide them through the process, they are greatly relieved. My process ensures clients make the right decisions, avoid penalties and select the most cost-effective plans.

– Greg Sanders

Greg Sanders graduated Summa Cum Laude from Georgia State University. He obtained his grounding in the financial services field as a life, health, and disability insurance consultant 20 years ago with Allstate Financial. Greg later became a Registered Representative with MML (Mass Mutual Life) Investor Services, providing investment and insurance advice. 

During Greg’s early years in the business, he was influenced by consumer advocates such as Clark Howard who shared the pitfalls and poor practices often found in the insurance and financial services field. Greg’s desire to become an independent advisor and offer the very best products on the market led to the founding of Peachtree Insurance Advisors in 2004.

Greg is a member of the Atlanta chapter of the National Association of Health Insurance Underwriters as well as the Cobb Chamber of Commerce. His expertise in Medicare, health, and life insurance is a valuable tool for employers and individuals. 

Greg Sanders resides in Marietta and is a husband and father of three children: one in college and two in HS. His wife, April, is spending a lot of her time volunteering at The Table on Delk. Greg enjoys spending time with his family hiking, playing sports, reading, enjoying God and His creation. Greg and his family are active members of Stonebridge Church in Marietta, GA.


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